Altura Case Study

We recently completed a project with UK based apparel and accessories brand Altura having been briefed to reposition the brand and campaign messaging for the upcoming 2021 Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. 

A well established brand of 25 years, Altura has an unrivalled level of technical knowhow matched with a penchant for creating high quality technical garments and luggage at a significantly more competitive price point than other brands. Even with such a strong product offering Altura felt they were not succeeding in communicating the scale of their technical ability to their customers and as such weren’t fully representing the quality of the products.  


We undertook extensive product research and learning alongside Altura’s product development team to better understand the unique selling points as both a brand and across their range. This close integration with the product team gave us an appreciation of the attention to detail and passion of their designers. Enabling us to communicate how this translates into the products that they create.  

Using this insight we created specific messaging with a consistent tone of voice across their Road, Adventure, Urban and Endurance product categories as well as their Children’s and Luggage lines. All of which was underpinned by a new tagline ‘Designed For The Ride’. This was subsequently selected as the lead tagline across their entire product range.  



Altura’s Senior Marketing Manager Sarah Darling said “It’s been fantastic working with the team at PaceUp Media on this season’s campaign. They easily integrated with our Marketing & Product Development teams and quickly got to the core of what Altura represents as a brand, with the outcomes assisting in strengthening the brands position and tone of voice in the market. We’re excited to continue to utilise their expert knowledge of the cycling industry and  broadening the scope of our work together.”

Following on from the successful completion of the initial ‘Designed For The Ride’ project we will now be working with Altura to deliver social media and community management across both organic and paid channels, advance their email marketing strategy and product copy alongside developing and overseeing an entirely new ambassador and influencer marketing campaign.

 Next in line is delivering what is sure to be an exciting Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign, ensuring the newly refined brand identity is presented effectively with a consistent tone of voice across all communications channels. 

We’re excited to be playing such an active role in the future development of an established brand like Altura, helping to ensure it stays relevant and is able to continue serving its customers for another 25 years. Visit the Altura website here.

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