WorldTour Riders

Educating the world's best riders on how to utilise social media throughout their careers.

Create Brand Value

Demonstrating the real world outcomes of building a brand value.

Grow Fanbase

Equipping riders with a diverse toolbox to help grow a relevant and engaged fanbase.

Social Media
& Brand Value Workshop


A tailored workshop created and hosted by PaceUp Media, educating riders as to the importance of brand value during and after their careers.

With the world of professional cycling needing to adapt at a greater rate than ever to guarantee its survival, PaceUp Media shares industry insight and expertise to highlight what actions need to be undertaken by athletes now to strengthen their career for the future.

The use of social media to build a diverse audience of relevant and engaged users is already a key asset within the business of professional sport. Despite this, riders are missing out on maximising their value to teams and sponsors, failing to build a tangible brand value which can serve them well during their careers and once they hang up their wheels.

PaceUp Media takes the core foundations of this issue into every tailored workshop, whereupon the relevant knowledge and tools to succeed are shared on both a group & individual level.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach which can deliver the best results, which is why PaceUp Media takes into account aspects such as age, experience, goals, achievements; before then developing a suggested workshop plan. 

If you are interested in running a Social Media & Brand Value Workshop, please contact PaceUp Media via [email protected]