Panther Electric Bikes

British Brand Panther eBike Launches with Range of Sub £1,000 Integrated Battery Models

Today sees the launch of Panther eBike, an exciting and innovative electric bike brand facilitating active travel with a range of urban and adventure pedal assist eBikes. Built with functionality and value-for-money in mind, each model features a fully integrated battery, making Panther the first UK brand to offer a sub-£1,000 integrated hybrid ebike.

In today’s new normal, it’s more important than ever to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. With more and more of us looking to avoid public transport and close contact with others, an eBike is the perfect solution to your travel needs throughout the week, whilst opening up adventures at the weekend.

“A huge amount of work, time and development have gone into the brand to date, so I’m really pleased to finally be able to present the new Panther eBike range and to open up eBikes to all by bringing the point of entry down to something much more affordable than the current market can offer,” explained founder Paul Kennard. “Our Trekker bikes set a new bar for functional electric bikes that serve as a great mode of transport as well as a leisure bike to explore the outdoors, while the Compact bikes are great for those looking for something more nimble and easy to take on the train to commute to and from the office.

Leading the range are the Trekker and Trekker Hybrid, offering step-through and standard top tube designs in a versatile bike suitable for both on and off road riding. Both Trekker bikes feature a removable integrated battery housed in the downtube, with a 36V 250W Bafang rear hub motor offering nine levels of pedal assist which will keep you going for up to 90 miles. Paired with a Shimano Tourney 7-Speed groupset and 26” tyres, the Trekker is ready to tackle a variety of terrains.

Each Trekker comes with three different battery options, 7.8AH with an average range of 30 miles between charges; 10.4AH providing a range of 40 miles on variable levels power pedal assist use; and 14AH providing up to 90 miles on a full battery. The Trekker models are available from £799.

More suited to navigating urban environments is the Panther Compact range. The Compact City offers a powerful yet lightweight 7-speed eBike. It’s more racey sibling, the Compact Sport offers a different look with shorter mudguards and stealthier look at the same price point.

Both Compact bikes are designed with 50/50 weight distribution to facilitate easy lifting, and both carry a 250W Shengyi rear hub motor offering five levels of power assist, coupled with a concealed 7.8AH battery in the downtube.

The Panther eBike range has been several years in the making and hits the market with a well-developed portfolio of bikes and future models too. The brand’s inception goes back to 2018 when Kennard turned a passion for eBikes and electric mobility into a project whilst living in Asia. Having achieved previous success as an entrepreneur outside of the cycling industry, Kennard turned his attention to developing a range of value-for-money bikes to make eMobility more accessible.

His goal was to develop a range of family oriented, stylish eBikes built to an extremely high standard, which will stand the test of time. After spending several years developing a number of models, attending international trade shows and presenting early concepts at both the Cycle Show and the London Bike Show to gather important consumer feedback, the range was then fine tuned for launch in 2020.

Each bike features a technical Kingmeter head unit displaying all ride details as well as battery life, while powerful Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes give the rider strong stopping power at their fingertips. Smart Buchel Front and Rear Lights feature on each bike, connected to the main battery so you don’t need to think about charging them before and after your rides.

“The Trekker and Compact bikes are just the start of the Panther eBike range,” Kennard added. “With a number of new bikes in the pipeline before the end of the year and in 2021 including folding eBikes and eCargo bikes amongst other models. All the while each model will maintain the standards we’ve set across quality and value-for-money.”

All Trekker and Compact bikes are available now for pre-order online at introductory prices, with expected delivery for early Spring 2021. Panther Trekker models start from £799, while Panther Compact models start from £599, with both models free to ship to UK customers. For more information about Panther eBike and each of the models, visit