Cycling’s Cover Stars During COVID

There is no denying that the global outbreak of COVID-19 has produced a diverse array of alterations to our daily lives; both personal and professional. For many, the social guidelines have made it difficult to enjoy the likes of visiting family, dining out and even your choice of exercise.

Gyms were closed and team sports or group training soon became off limits, producing a clear focus upon pursuits perfect for solo endeavours. With only a bike required, cycling experienced an incredible surge of new enthusiasts, taking advantage of quieter roads to the extent of leaving few bikes left in the shops to purchase.

Recent weeks have been a golden opportunity for smaller, yet highly successful brands, to make their presence known amongst the ranks of larger names who so often get wheeled out for seasonal cycling coverage within the mainstream press. This has allowed Stolen Goat to showcase their personality, premium quality, immense customer service and style during this time; reaping the rewards with record sales and a greater fanbase.

The eagerness of mainstream media to adapt to this increased focus upon cycling has seen a diversification of brands, figures and campaigns within non-cycling specific media. 

Stolen Goat is one such brand to appreciate this positive effect of lockdown, quick to help kit out swathes of cyclists; new, lapsed or dab hands in the saddle. Mainstream publications such as The Resident shone a spotlight upon Stolen Goat in their Cool Kit For Your New Cycling Commute, showcasing the brand’s innate sense of creativity which is often in contrast to the subdued palettes of trend chasing competitors. 

GQ included Stolen Goat in their Best Men’s Cycling Shorts To Join The Elite Peloton, the lifestyle mag championing the high performance attributes of Stolen Goat’s bib shorts as part of their best in the class roundup; both aesthetics and quality well regarded. The Independent concurred: “With a bib section made from a lighter, perforated material, these are shorts you can wear all day in hotter weather. We rode in them for hours in 25C heat and they stayed comfortable throughout.”

Stolen Goat’s attention to women specific apparel and designs which reject the stereotypical creations of many also produced further coverage, as the increase in those cycling to work became more apparent during lockdown with between a 200% – 300% rise in journeys by bike. The Evening Standard selected a shining example of Stolen Goat’s distinct approach to design within their Best Women’s Cycling Jerseys, while even an appearance in Vogue has been possible for Stolen Goat during this nationwide uptake of two wheels. 

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