INCUS Performance Partners with PaceUp Media Ahead of Official Launch

Groundbreaking wearable swimming and triathlon technology brand INCUS Performance has recruited PaceUp Media to deliver communications strategy ahead of the release of its debut analytics device, INCUS | NOVA. Having grown from initial inception while the company’s founder was studying at the prestigious Loughborough University, further development and funding have allowed the young company to refine its technologies.

Rather than bombard athletes with technical information which would require both an engineering background and a sports science degree to comprehend, INCUS has developed an integrated ecosystem consisting of a wearable device, an easy to use artificial intelligence cloud based platform and a handy mobile app. These tools assess and offer easily digestible feedback on swimming technique, providing suggestions for improvement from which swimmers and triathletes of all levels will benefit.

PaceUp Media shall provide INCUS Performance with a tailored communications and content creation strategy and delivery of PR and social media campaigns to help develop the brand and cement its position as the leading wearable analytics solution for swimmers and triathletes. Tom Copeland, PaceUp Media Founder, said of the partnership – ‘Swimming is a strong area of growth for PaceUp Media, positioned neatly within the spheres of adventure and endurance sport in which we already operate. The passion from the INCUS team is contagious and this cutting edge technology is set to make waves in both swimming and triathlon disciplines – something we’re excited to be involved with’.

Find out more about INCUS Performance and the INCUS | NOVA here.