Pace Up Top 5

PaceUp Media's Top Five Tips for Self Isolating

With all of us now setting up our offices within our living rooms and possibly losing the will to work since the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s important to make sure you keep yourself mentally focused in order to keep productivity to its highest. Here’s 5 things from the PaceUp Team to ensure this happens whilst working at home this week:

  1. Keeping a routine 

It’s easy to slip into a bad habit of sleeping in, skipping a shower and spending the day in your PJ’s. It’s important to keep yourself in the same routine as your normal working day. Schedule meetings to check in with your work colleagues, keep the same lunch hour and take tea/coffee breaks! 

  1. Set goals each day

Little goals to check off will throughout the day will keep you motivated and on track for a successful week. It will keep you focused and upbeat whilst you’re stuck in at home.

  1. Stay active

Keeping active through this ‘lockdown’ will make sure you produce the endorphins your body needs to keep you refreshed and give you a positive feeling for the rest of the day. Try a little home workout or run. Just remember to keep your social distancing! 

  1. Talk to people

Instead of firing off multiple emails, or sending a dozen slack messages, pick up the phone and talk to your colleagues. You haven’t got the luxury of the normal interactions you get at the office. You might go the whole day without speaking to another human being if you don’t, which isn’t healthy! 

  1. Snack healthy not junk

When being at home, we can easily slip into bad habits of snacking junk food. With no one around you don’t feel guilty about sneaking another bag of crisps or a cheeky chocolate bar. It’ll be better reaching for a piece of fruit or some popcorn. Healthy food = healthy brain.