Community Indentification

Ascertaining what makes the Haute Route community special within the industry.

Improved Communication

Tailor a defined vocabulary of how best to communicate with a passionate audience.

Industry Research

Provide insight as how to go about improving awareness and information of Haute Route.

Evolution of communication to access a greater audience.

Possessing a catalogue of unique cycling experiences across the globe, Haute Route has become the premier curators of unforgettable memories in the saddle, though further refined communication strategy has helped develop their profile further.

Having invested the time in auditing the current positioning and operations of Haute Route in regards to communication, we supplied a series of suggestions to allow the brand to retain its current community, while also opening new dialogues with previously unaware or misinformed demographics. This has resulted in a reassessment in previous tactics, through the insight provided by our research.

As a result of this, digital strategy for social media and website have been updated, allowing potential customers easier access to key information and the booking process itself.