Charity Auction

Raising funds for those recently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Generate Awareness

Tasked with creating press release to generate awareness within cycling press

Premium Brand

Work with Italian premium custom bike brand Passoni

Italian bike manufacturer Passoni wished to support the work of health workers in their incredible effort to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, hit hard in their home region of Lombardia.

To raise funds, Passoni chose to auction one of their incredible creations, the Limited Edition 2020 Passoni Fidia Milano-Sanremo bike; commemorating the victory of Pippo Pozzato in 2006. The funds will help in the purchase of equipment for the intensive care unit of Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo and support vulnerable over 65s in the Bergamo and Milano regions.

The awareness generated by PaceUp Media has seen the auction gain publicity across various cycling publications, with the current highest bid sitting at £18,500 with over a week remaining. You can follow the auction to see the winning bid here.

Passoni - Auction Coverage