Reaching The Summit With Haute Route

Organisers of unforgettable experiences spent in the saddle amongst some of the world’s most jaw-dropping scenery and epic roads, Haute Route have long been established as one of the premier organisers of multi-day events for amateur riders. With detailed research of routes, local knowledge and professional cycling expertise, the work of Haute Route resonated with much of our fundamental service foundations.

As a team of passionate cyclists ourselves, it was a natural fit to place us in the minds of both Haute Route and the potential rider who may participate in one of their brilliant events. Be it reaching the summit of some of the sport’s most famous climbs or experiencing the burgeoning destinations in China and Oman.

With great ambition to further spread the word of Haute Route, informing the public of exactly the services and experiences available, it was evident that being aware of the current client base and potential customers was key in meeting the goals at hand.

In order to achieve this we utilised several tools to help gather information and then analyse the findings to extract vital insight to finesse campaign tactics. This resulted in distributing a cycling survey to a huge array of enthusiasts, allowing us to understand the degree of Haute Route’s brand awareness and identify the potential barriers which limit the participation of those who are already being communicated to; as well as previously untapped communities.

Personal expertise also played a part in this body of work, calling upon our own time spent leading event rides to being a fresh faced enthusiast amongst the assembled ranks. In summary, this all fed into an end product which resulted in identifying several key types of client which Haute Route should focus upon most, with refined tactics as definitive recommendations.

Having identified barriers which ranged from the practicality of travelling to far flung locations to simply having the time to ride the multi-day events, we were able to create a clear profile of current and potential Haute Route clients. Within this body of work were the necessary mechanisms to convert interest or awareness of the events into a confirmed purchase.

With Haute Route’s ability to now offer ride locations which mean it is always summer where you are riding, it is satisfying to witness the growing enjoyment from participants, made aware as a result of our recommended strategy and tactics.