Tailored to yOur Needs

Social media continues evolving as a key tool for successful brand strategies within any industry, from developing a loyal fanbase to growing sales in new markets across the globe, it has become an immovable cornerstone alongside the traditional pillars of marketing.

The speed at which social media alters is unlike any other facet of a brand’s activity though, where algorithms can determine success and new forms of media amplify your voice in a non-stop digital marketplace. 

That is why PaceUp Media has utilised our years of experience within the full spectrum of social media to educate and guide you through workshops with insight you can apply for immediate effect.

Our workshops are a detailed practical guide to how you can best utilise social media in a way most relevant to your brand and its ambitions.

After an initial social audit, we then build and run your personal workshop aligned to the key areas of interest, with the additional option of a follow up session for further queries.

Social Audit

All work begins with an initial audit of all previous and ongoing Social Media activity.

Industry Benchmarking

Understanding where your business sits within the greater marketplace and your ambitions for its growth.

Paid Activity

Curating a paid campaign across multiple platforms, from brand awareness to product launches.

Catalogue Build

Supporting the creation and implementation of product catalogues on social platforms.


Identifying suitable influencers and ambassadors to improve awareness or brand sentiment online.

Social Strategy

Comprehensive creation of a overarching tailored social strategy to support brand activity.


Analysis of each platform’s internal algorithm and how it dictates your measures of success on social.

Content Creation

Creative briefing for the creation of key content require for awareness, campaigns and activations. 

Community Management

Nurturing a community around your brand which organically engages with and promotes your work.

Workshop Tiers

Though there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to social media, we have created three distinct tiers as starting points for businesses, helping to identify what is relevant based upon their current size and ambitions.

We then further tailor the workshop after an initial audit and introduction to the brand.


Tier One

Structured to support those with little experience or understanding of the social media landscape, within a business context relevant to their own brand ambitions.

Often those who have only recently created a presence online and possess less than a 1,000 followers on most platforms.

Setting the foundations of an active and consistent social media profile.

Tier Two

A broader mix for brands who have had a functioning presence across social media for some time, but feel that they are now stagnate compared to competitors and now seek a greater return on activity.

Generally considered to have up to 10,000 followers across all platforms, but experiencing limited engagement or lack of product purchases through their current activity.

A session suited to those currently going through a brand repositioning or relaunch for example.


The Experienced

Tier Three

Often already operating with a fanbase in excess of 10,000 followers and turning over a sustained level of social media driven sales.

This tier can also help those wishing to improve their previous paid social, especially the scaling up of campaigns.

This may also include the creation of a new strategy in relation to a product launch or the implementation of a paid social media campaign for example.

Tailored Workshops

We appreciate that brands and businesses do not always grow in all directions equally, which why it is can be difficult to select a perfectly matched tier for your needs.

That is why we provide ‘cherry-picked’ workshops of the services outlined above, so you never miss out on key insights to support your ambitions.