The London Bike Show | Triathlon Show: London

A longstanding fixture in the diary of anyone with a passion for riding their bicycle, The London Bike Show and the Triathlon Show: London chose to call upon PaceUp Media in 2019 in order to further amplify their voice and ensure all who love life on two wheels knew it was in town once again. From the earliest moments of building interest through sustained media coverage to live broadcasting across social media during the event itself, we helped to steer the course of The London Bike Show’s most successful year to date.

Given our experience of promoting a variety of major events within cycling and beyond, it was a given that the job begins many months in advance of the show itself, thus beginning to engage with relevant press and an ever expanding exhibitor list during the preceding year, to begin informing the public as to what could be expected for 2019’s edition of The London Bike Show.

Being able to ascertain the unique attraction of each exhibitor and the varying event activations happening at the show is always a crucial aspect of appealing to the interest of the media; both digital and print. This of course then helps to inform the public as to the exclusive events occurring which are highly desirable to attend, ranging from rare interviews with athletes to brand new product launches. 

As the event week approached, it had already become evident that the already healthy ticket sales were stronger in comparison to the previous year, so we were confident of a great attendance; keeping us busy running the official press office at the ExCel and providing us with plenty of content to weave into our  cohesive social media strategy.

With much of the industry in attendance on the opening day, an agile press office was required to ensure everybody was where they needed to be ahead of interviews, demonstrations and launches. Though a somewhat head spinning task at times, this becomes less so during the following three days, where the focus can be upon getting to know exhibitors better and working to generate highly engaged online content.

As The London Bike Show of 2019 drew to a close, a few glasses were raised to celebrate the success, while some final figures and feedback were ringing endorsements as to the success which was had by both the show and the brands in attendance.

Success was evident in not only the size of the audience itself, but also the composition, with more than double the percentage of women in attendance at the show in 2019. In addition, coverage ahead of the event was also strong, with media reach in excess of 440.3 million and coverage in The Telegraph, GTN, GQ, BBC Radio London, The Guardian, The i and the traditional cycle and triathlon press.

Visit the London Bike Show / Triathlon Show: London websites to get your tickets for next year’s show.