Why We Won't Write a Blog About the C-Word

If it was a client, we’d advise that it has an image problem. It’s addressed by two distinct names, meaning that any share of voice, brand equity or potential for word of mouth is dissipated, divided between two entities instead of one synergistic conversation.

Messaging is far from clear or concise – evidenced by the fact that the surrounding social media conversation consists of hearsay, finger pointing and incessant fact checking. And cat memes.

Furthermore, the call to action has seen painfully slow uptake…

It’s standard practice in the communications business to incessantly blog about whatever is topical, in a cynical attempt to intercede with ‘thought leadership’ (and benefit from some sweet, sweet SEO keyword use and perhaps a backlink or two). In the past, this practice has covered anything from the impact of immature heads of state running wild on social media and how that affects the world, global warming and the impact one teenager can have and how a royal couple wants to be left alone to raise a family.

However, to speak on behalf of the entire comms industry (without permission or encouragement to do so) we must recall the great works of Klopp, J. (2020). The internet. ‘I wear a baseball cap and I have a bad shave’.

A stark reminder that we, though PR agencies may sometimes have the ear of the media, we are, for the most part, not experts on global pandemics or the resulting economic shifts and should consider holding on to our two cents – we might need them when this is all over and the pubs re-open!

Instead, our focus remains firmly fixed on what we do know. Amplifying the good work of our clients and friends, who are not only continuing with business as usual but also making the best of the situation to offer some positive contribution. Whether that’s helping RGT Cycling to announce making their entire online cycling simulator free to all for the duration of the lockdown (thereby ensuring we’re all fit enough to repel the inbound zombie apocalypse), supporting SCICON’s manufacturing pivot to produce facemasks and ensure ongoing employment for their valued Italian factory staff or discussing creative ways in which Stolen Goat can raise funds for vital charities (get your weekly raffle tickets here!).